Frequently Asked Questions


Is your work guaranteed?

All work is guaranteed in line with the paint manufacturer's warranty. Ask for details


Which is better for my vehicle — Full Refinishing or Spot/Smart Repairs?

Full Refinishing is often a great choice for restoring the surface of older vehicles. An older car will have undergone depreciation over the years, and a complete repaint can actually increase its value. Spot or Smart Repairing is the best way to protect the value of newer vehicles. We only paint where necessary, exactly matching that paint for a seamless repair, which is often more cost effective.


Can you match the paint colour exactly?

Yes, we take great pride in our work and make every effort to match paint to the current body colour. Using the latest technology and 20+ years experience this gives us the head start in giving you the best finish possible.


Should I pay for an accident repair myself or let my insurance company handle it?

Due to rising insurance costs, more and more people are paying for minor accident repairs themselves and we’re happy to discuss cost saving options.


Can I get an estimate over the phone?

We can only provide an accurate estimate by actually seeing your vehicle. We can then advise on the best repair route.


Can I change the vehicle’s colour?

Yes, by painting the inside of the boot, doors and bonnet as well as the door shuts and possibly engine bay. This is a time-consuming process and would therefore be priced accordingly.


How long will the work take and when can I bring my vehicle in?

It is hard to give a one-size-fits-all answer. Small repairs generally only require two or three days but significant collision damage can take a week or more depending on the job. Paint jobs depend on the level of service required but usually take three days to about a week. Rest assured that whatever the case we are always working as efficiently as possible to return your vehicle to you!

The best thing to do is give us a call or stop by and we can give you more detailed information about your specific situation......every car is different!